Week 2 Yoga Reflections



Sadly, my yoga time in Mysore has come to an end. I’m currently in the city of Bangalore and will be spending time visiting family and my grandmother. I hope to keep practicing yoga in the mornings for the remainder of my trip in India.

I have some more detailed posts planned for the impact that the yoga I’ve learned in Mysore has had on me, but here are some thoughts in bullet form to start with. Check out my Week 1 Yoga Reflections if interested!

  • Body feels so tired
  • Chaturangas are Ok now. I actually am able to keep up with all the high to low planks.
  • Right hamstring – OWWWW. Things that I was able to do last week, I can’t now or it’s SUPER hard.
  • Teachers’ humility is still very inspiring for the teacher and the student within me.
  • Small breakthroughs happening – leg a little straighter in standing poses, am able to rotate a little more, Marichyasana isn’t as bad (still sucks), shoulders are much stronger, legs feel stronger in warrior poses.
  • Chidanand is still amazing. His touch is very confident, tough, caring, and aware – all at once.
  • I also am thinking a lot about how Chidanand gave up a lucrative engineering career to teach yoga because that’s what makes him truly happy. What makes me truly happy? Would I be able to give up a good salary for the fulfillment of teaching? I keep having thoughts about it.
  • I feel strongly motivated to devote more time to Ashtanga. In two short weeks, I was able to see improvement in my body. I’m curious to see what else I’m capable of if I keep going.
  • Mental confidence is rocky this week because more people are in class. I feel oddly competitive sometimes.
  • Ashtanga makes me question my asana abilities, but my mind needs work. I need to believe in myself more. With time and practice – it’ll all come (just like my teachers have been saying).
  • The evening teacher is so sweet. He gave us desserts and smiles on our last day. We gifted him a kurta. He brought his son and took pics with us and of our practice (Lord, I hope he doesn’t put our picture up anywhere because I ain’t that good at this ish)
  • The pace of life in Mysore is idyllic
  • The emphasis on alignment is different in Hatha vs Ashtanga (for example: in Warrior 1 – a lot of the emphasis is on the front leg in Ashtanga, whereas Hatha maintains the importance of the back foot as well)
  • Practice makes perfect. Practice is key. NEED TO KEEP PRACTICING….
  • Teacher asked us to stay longer on our last day. I was quite tempted to change all my travel plans and do just that.
  • I really really really don’t want to leave

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