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Otherwise known as corpse pose. Yes, the meaning is morbid but the benefits and feeling of being IN Savasana are quite awesome and uplifting!

Savasana is the most important part of any yoga practice because it ties it all together. You probably engaged your core, breathed through vinyasa flows, concentrated on your balance, cursed yourself for not KEEPING the balance, aligned your muscles and body in each of the asanas – PHEW. And finally, in the sweet release of Savasana – you just let it all go and just BE. It is so important to bring that awareness back to your body and just breathe and feel freedom of NOT doing anything.

There are several benefits of to Savasana. Some of which are listed below

Stress relief – Stress is not only mental, but also physical as we contract and tense our muscles. High levels of stress are related to multiple diseases and health concerns. In Savasana, we learn to release that stress. As you allow your body to melt into the floor, close your eyes and breathe, you are giving your body the mindful rest and relaxation it needs.
Self-acceptance – During a yoga practice, you pushed, pulled, fought with your brain and muscles to do the best you can. Maybe you succeeded and got to where you wanted to go. Maybe today was a struggle. Either way, while in Savasana – we let go of all those expectations we had for ourselves and just work on being where we are. We are happy where we are.
Mindful breathing – When you lie on your mat, let your lungs expand. Relax your shoulders and just think about your breathing. Listen to its rhythm. Mindful breathing is rare in our culture these days as we are always flitting from one thing to the next. How often do you get to simply breathe and listen?
Experiencing surrender / peace – Closing your eyes, releasing tension in your muscles, breathing smoothly and slowly, and melting into the floor – all these things bring calmness and serenity to a life that is quite noisy. Savasana gives us a glimmer of what being at peace at all times feels like

I have definitely fallen asleep in Savasana – which is something you’re not supposed to do! Whoops.

For my students in Savasana, I like to come around and give them gentle assists and adjustments to help them go deeper in the pose. I also really like using lavender oil and rubbing it along their temples, or the back of their necks. Eye pillows, blankets, blocks are all really great props to help you get comfortable in Savasana. I hope to do another picture post of Savasana soon that shows all the different modifications of this very important pose. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and I hope the next Savasana you experience goes really well!


P.S Check out a fellow yoga blogger buddy of mine: Fisso – her yoga comics are hilarious!


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