What is your “Mindful Reminder”?


Happy Monday all!

I am thrilled to have a guest post written by the quickly-becoming dear friend/mentor of mine, Art Waber! Art is a certified Integrative Health Coach and has graciously offered us tips on ways to pause, and reflect on our task list instead of simply barreling through it all.

I can’t think of a better way to start off a Monday than to sip on a hot beverage, and read an intelligent, and thoughtful article before beginning to sort through the busyness that encompasses all our lives. Can you?

Enjoy my dear readers!

How many times has this happened? You’ve already had a busy day with just a few precious moments to spare before teaching your yoga class, meeting a new client, closing a sale, or leading an important meeting with your team. You are “on”, and you must pay attention, listen deeply, and consider the wants and needs of everyone.

What will you choose to do with those few precious moments beforehand? Check another email or text? Look ahead to what’s next on your calendar? Fit in one more item on the to-do list? What if you chose instead to create a peaceful, mindful, caring space for the upcoming encounter? What if you could intentionally bring your true self to it, and to the people who are to receive your services?

Try this: Push away from your desk or find a quiet space. Close your eyes. Let go of your previous tasks. Take several relaxed breaths. Improvise a “mindful reminder” in your own words, using your own wisdom, while listening to your heart. Here are some suggestions to get you started: “May my words, my thoughts, my listening, and my actions inspire and bless my yoga students.” “May I bring my ‘true self’ to this next client, with love and compassion for their needs.” “May I be a safe source of healing, inspiration and action for this person in this moment.” “May I be of service to others, by being who I am, and who I was created to be.”

Repeat your words if you want to, and then proceed into the encounter. When the class, meeting, or session is over, take a moment to notice how you felt, what you learned, and the impact that your intention had on your students, clients or team!

ArtWaberWritten by Art Waber. Certified Integrative Health Coach, performing arts producer, and cultural exchange consultant. 


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