After typing, and deleting words for about 10 minutes – I did not come up with a creative phrase of any kind to begin my first blog post except for – WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG! PHew. OK – now that the awkward part is out of the way, onward!

So there are a ton of blogs and websites out there, specifically about yoga and all its benefits, etc. So this isn’t a unique endeavor in any way. This is simply a way for me to share my experiences with yoga on and off the mat. Maybe I’ll inspire someone (lofty goal) or maybe my mom and sister will be the sole readers of this blog for years to come; either way – I still want to share what I have learned so far and put it out there on the vast world of internet.

For many people, yoga is glorified stretching. Some also associate it with ridiculously priced yoga pants, hippies who survive on nothing but the spirit of the universe, and expensive yoga studios that cater to wealthy moms (who wear the ridiculously priced yoga pants)

Yoga is none of the above. It’s simple – it’s about getting to know yourself and your true nature. It’s about union. Quite often, this message is lost among all the other unnecessary layers.

So my intention is to try to work on this aspect for myself – and maybe help someone else see that too (again – most likely my loved ones who will be forced to read my blog posts 😉 )

Thanks so much for reading and I shall sign off in true yogi form-



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