Happy Earth Day!


It’s more like – Happy belated Earth day (I’m a couple of days behind).

We celebrate Mother’s Day with much pomp and splendor. We buy our moms gifts, take her out to a nice brunch, and reminder her that we are lost without her guidance and support. But then, there is the mother of all mothers, our dearest Pachamama! (Inca word for Mother Earth). She deserves a celebration too!

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The Earth is our home. It provides us with life, which is the basis for EVERYTHING else. Gravity keeps us physically connected, but we aren’t always mentally aligned with our green planet. Hence, comes the destruction, abuse, and lack of compassion towards the environment.

But, there is hope. We can align ourselves with the 3rd rock from the sun. We can use yoga as a tool.

Say WHHHATT? You knew I was going to find a way to connect it to YOGA! HHHAHA!

Each time we get on our yoga mats, we are very much connected to the ground. We press the back foot strongly into the mat as we stay in Virabhadrasana I (warrior 1). In Vrksasana (tree), we build a strong foundation which enables us to rise in a balance posture. In Uttanasana (forward fold), we press our hands onto the floor as if to give planet Earth a high-five. In Savasana (corpse), we rely on terra firma to give us the support we need to relax, rest, and unwind.

Furthermore, yoga is practiced with intention. Asana practice is vacuous without one.

Maybe the next time you’re on the mat, give thanks to this awesome world and all its fascinating creatures. Perhaps the continued efforts of feeling and enjoying the contact with the ground will help you make environmentally conscious decisions off the mat as well.

With each inhale, lift your heart closer to the sun. With each exhale, root your heels more deeply in the ground


As always, thank you all so much for stopping and reading!



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