DIY Aromatherapy Recipes


I thought I would shake things up a bit and post on one of my favorite past times: playing with essential oils!

I went to an aromatherapy workshop on a whim in 2014 and since then, I have been hooked! I blend, research, smell and make messes in my home. My work with EOs has simply been for my own enjoyment (am not into selling / marketing them, etc).

There is a wealth of knowledge out there on essential oils, their benefits, and uses. I wanted to keep this blog post short, and hence my brevity in discussing essential oils themselves.

One can enjoy the aroma of essential oils in a myriad of ways, whether it be in a cold water diffuser, or in a body oil, or in a spray. I like to make quick sprays as it gives me the ease of traveling with them.

General tips and suggestions

  • Tinted glass bottles are your best option to make and store essential oil blends in. After much searching and experimenting with different glass spray bottles, I have found some REALLY solid 2 oz ones here. These bottles actually MIST instead of squirting unevenly.
  • Distilled water is best for aromatherapy sprays as distilled water does not contain any minerals that would possibly react with essential oils
  • All recipes mentioned below are meant for 2 oz bottle sprays
  • However, feel free to make them into oil blends for your skin. Good carrier or base oils to mix your essential oils with are jojoba, olive, coconut and almond. The amount of drops mentioned below will be perfectly OK for diluting purposes if you’re using at least 2 oz of a carrier oil.
  • I usually find my essential oils on Amazon (Prime is my jam!). Mountain Rose Herbs is one of the most highly rated, and reviewed places to get EOs, but they aren’t cheap :SOB: I do want to buy from them though! I typically stick to Aura Cacia, Now Foods, and Eden’s Garden for my EO needs and haven’t been disappointed thus far 🙂
  • How to use the sprays?  Use them for rooms, your body, pillows, closets, and more! The possibilities are endless.

Now, off to the recipes. Let me know how these come out for you!








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